About Us

My name is Jason Harvey. I am the Owner/Operator of JNS Disposal. I always wanted to start my own business and dumpsters seemed like the right thing to do. I have 27 years of tractor trailer experience and 10 years of waste management experience.

My journey in life I believe has always led me to start a business. JNS Disposal is a locally owned and operated business. As a family man , I believe in serving my community. I have served the South Bowers community and surrounding communities over the past 27 years as a volunteer firefighter. My wife Sierra and I saw a need for a great dependable dumpster service to serve our community. This is how JNS Disposal was created.

I believe in giving the best customer service possible.

3 main facts of why I started the business

  1. My family. To give my kids opportunities I never had.
  2. The drive to do more and be more
  3. To start a non profit for helping animals that can't help themselves.
A driven dad who loves to serve his community and provide a bright future for his son and two daughters. I would also like to start a non profit for helping animals and eventually start giving a percentage of each rental to the cause. I believe in helping animals, for the ones that can't help themselves is the greatest gift you can give Speaking for the ones that can't speak.

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